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Jeff Westbrook

Jeff has studied relationship dynamics and sexuality for decades. He has years of experience in men’s work and has coached numerous individuals and couples to help clarify issues at the root of conflict, reduce stress, anxiety and shame, and deepen authentic communication and connection. His  study in Zen Buddhism and Vipassana meditation provide a strong background to help others become more physically grounded and embodied. Jeff is dedicated to helping couples bring more pleasure, ease, and happiness into their relationships.




Shana_225Shana James, M.A.

Shana brings women and men together to experience and explore intimate, authentic relationships. Her coaching and group work illuminate individuals’ innate wisdom and reveal the power every person has to create a full and passionate life. She works with relationship challenges to create healing and connection. Shana has a Masters degree in Integral Psychology, is the co-creator of The Authentic Woman Experience and a senior facilitator for The Authentic Man Program and Authentic World workshops. She draws from a diverse background of personal study including yoga, Diamond Heart Practice, somatic inquiry and meditation.



Kevin_225Kevin O’Malley

Kevin is a highly skilled coach and facilitator, adept at seeing people exactly where they are and helping them to see themselves in new and profound ways. He facilitates with ease, humor, and grounded confidence. Kevin has led workshops for the last 10 years in the areas of personal growth, empowering men, and couples work. He has been a vital member of the Arete Experience, Authentic Man Program (AMP), Train The Trainer, and Alethia, a joint effort between Authentic World and Ken Wilbur’s Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado.




Mia_225Mia Cara

Mia is a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach who specializes in helping people become the most vital and radiant version of themselves. She is expert at demonstrating how to create a safe context for deep relating and trust. Mia has worked with dozens of couples in helping them fully embody their energy to facilitate connection and vitality.




Scott_225Scott Bowman

Scott has unique and powerful skills that enable him to see the truth and humanity beneath people’s stories to help individuals and couples realize their full potential. Scott has coached hundreds of people in communication skills and has coached in a wide variety of other settings. He currently works with Bill Baren Coaching. He is a former yoga instructor who utilizes this somatic wisdom to help individuals and couples drop in to deeper and more authentic levels of relating. Scott has years of experience in men’s work and is the former CEO of the Authentic Man Program (AMP).


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